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Вун атуй, рагъ атуй! - You came, sun came!

Riders in the mist - photo by Samir Qasumov

3 May 2009 - I forgot to tell, since a couple of months I'm running a blog devoted to learning Lezgi.

7 Feb 2009 - new stuff - U.A. Meilanova's treatment of Yarki dialect

19 Jan 2009 - Another new addition - two chapters of M. Haspelmath's excellent book "A grammar of Lezgian" (in English).
Also, look here for other downloads on Caucasian languages (and more).

12 Jan 2009 - Looks like there's something new. Now you can read a part of U.A. Meilanova's seminal work on Lezgi dialectology (in Russian). The fragment I uploaded (click here to download it) treats about Samur and Quba dialect clusters.

As for June, 2007 the Lezgi site starts its third expansion (and this time the world is ours, I tell you).
Stay tuned for additions, changes and updates.
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You may have noticed that the language's name has changed. Please read why.
It should be Lezgi, not Lezgian

The language stuff is as important as it ever was, (or even more).
Лезги чIал - The Lezgi language

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Лезгияр - The Lezgi people

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