Can't we all just be nice to each other ?

Obviously we can't be and we aren't. Let's be realistic - negative sentiments exist in all of us and sometimes we can't help but to unleash them. It's good if it's only by words not deeds. Verbal aggression is one of my favourite interests. Not that I am advocating it, but I find it fascinating how creative a man can be when it comes to denigrating, offending or hurting his fellows.
Slurs and insults can be divided into many groups. One of them form those which are cast on people of different ethnicity. Below you can find the beginnings of my typology of ethnic slurs. I am eager to learn more and wait for similar 'national nicknames' from your own language that I could put in here. Note, though that the stuff related to "race" (as if such thing existed), doesn't interest me, nations do.

  1. Food-based
  2. - quite a lot of derogatory, contemptuos or simply jocular 'national nicknames' comes from a given nation's eating habits. Among them the following:
  3. Pars-pro-toto - a very curious case, when name of a sub-ethnic or regional group of a nation becomes a derogatory name for the whole nation in neighbouring language(s). So far I have found only one example of this.

  4. Appearance - obvious reason to riducule someone, right ?

  5. Forename - Quite often, a 'nation nickname' is derived from a firstname, common to members of that nation. Interestingly, the form used more often is the diminuitive and not the 'full version' of the name.

  6. As they call themselves - sometimes, a form similar to a nation's own name is used as its derogatory nickname in some other language.

  7. As the Russians call them - in case of some Eastern nationalities their Russian names, borrowed into Polish, serve as derogatory words. I list them below in the order: Polish derog - Russian standard - Polish standard

  8. Awaiting its category- some words are odd in both meanings, they are strange and without close matches anywhere.
    • ЦIап [c'ap]- derogatory Lezgi for 'Azerbaijani'. Its literal meaning is... well, 'horse-shit', to put it simply.

  9. Verbs - I am also interested in somewhat related cases, when a nation's name serves as a verb denoting activities of dubious moral value.

If you are willing to enhance my list with new examples, do so.
Many more slurs are to be found at the racial slurs database.
I invite you also to visit my short guide to Lezgi swears.

I owe this page, as I owe everything, to K.D. , whose smile makes the impossible happen