Lezgi links

Below you can find a collection of links to some Lezgi websites. The sites are in Russian, unless noted otherwise.

    sharvili.com - a cooperative effort, including a library with Lezgi books in .pdf format and an active forum with considerable number of postings written in Lezgi
    Лезгинский информационный портал - another portal with articles, forum and whatnot
    Shah-Dagh - yet another web community with forum, chat, photo-sharing, mp3s and more
    Derbent - the biggest (and oldest) town of southern Daghestan with a sizeable Lezgi population
    Kc'ar - the capitol of the Azerbaijani Lezgis
    Axty - oficially a village, but in truth a town up in the mountains
    St'ur - a group of villages near the border (site in Lezgi)
    Kurah region - a region in Daghestan inhabited by Lezgis
  Something to read:  
    Samur - the newspaper of Azerbaijani Lezgis, archived
    Lezgi gazet- website currently unavailable
  ulub.net - Lezgi electronic library being a branch of Azerbaijani one. It includes articles taken from my website. Yay! 
    St'alvi's website - lots of language-related information in Russian
    Lezgi pages - extensive Lezgi-Russian dictionary in .pdf format plus other stuff downloadable stuff (incl. Lezgi calendar and Lezgi folktales
  Something to listen to:  
  dolalay.com - has quite a number of Lezgi songs, both traditional and not (there's even rap - cheggit!)

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